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Safety & Quality

Pantene strives to achieve the highest bar for both efficacy and safety, using proven ingredients in innovative formulas so that every product we make helps you get more great hair day, every day.

We always aim to be the B.E.S.T.


Pantene’s philosophy is simple: The most beautiful hair is the healthiest hair. Based on 50-plus years of research, our iconic Pro-V Nutrient Blends, combined with protective antioxidants, replenishing lipids, and nutrient-rich natural extracts, treats hair from the inside out to truly gives you stronger, shinier, healthy looking hair.


When you come up with a formula that works, why complicate it with fillers and fluff? At Pantene, we believe the best product “recipe” is the one that’s most precise. By sticking to best-in-class, thoroughly researched ingredients in highly effective concentrations, we deliver maximum results with no excess.


Our team of scientists work with experts, like dermatologists, to screen each ingredient and make sure that it is good for your hair, and safe for your body while also considering safety for the environment. We work with third-party independent experts such as the Swiss Vitamin Institute to confirm the quality of our ingredients. Our vigilance never ends: we scrutinize every single formula throughout its entire lifecycle.


Hundreds of Pantene Scientists around the world test ingredients and formulas at each stage of a product’s journey, from our lab to your home—we perform industry leading testing on all finished products to ensure that every product continues to perform safely and effectively throughout its lifetime.

Did you know?

WE ENSURE SAFETY & EFFICIENCY ALL ALONG THE PROCESS and involve all our stakeholders: We regularly scrutinize our suppliers and verify their compliance with our high safety & quality guidelines.

WE MEET OR EXCEED THE SAFETY GUIDELINES OF LEADING INDEPENDENT AND REGULATORY AUTHORITIES to ensure our raw materials, packaging components and finished products are safe to use. The water we use in our shampoos meets the highest industry standard in water purity.


Pantene’s products are proven, among the most trusted and trustworthy with consumers, and have received, won, been awarded more external accolades, Beauty Awards, editor’s picks from industry experts such as beauty editors and influencers than any other shampoo brand.

Ingredients and formulas are also tested and certified by external independent agencies organizations such as the Swiss Vitamin Institute.

The SVI is an independent, not-for-profit, and internationally recognized laboratory with expertise in the 13 essential vitamins and cofactors and nutrients. They are relied on by hospitals, government agencies, NGO’s and companies world-wide to ensure quality of vitamin-containing products. SVI put the scientific excellence of nutrients at the core of innovation in nutrition and cosmetics.

Since 1992, Pantene products have been recognized by the SVI for having formulas enriched with pro-vitamin B5. As Pantene searches for new sources of vitamins and nutrients for hair, the SVI’s vitamin expertise has become even more important.

The SVI partners with Pantene to analyze potential ingredients for their vitamin and nutrient composition. These ingredients include Pantene’s rose water, bamboo, and castor oil – all of which have proven to be sources of naturally-occurring vitamins and nutrients.