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Static Hair
Have you traded in summer frizz for winter static? Here are 5 easy ways to stop your hair from standing on end.
Beautiful Lengths
Pantene Beautiful Lengths Important Update
Hair Heat Damage 101: Prevention and Repair
Heat damaged hair causes many problems and can be hard to style. Repair the damage with these tips and heat damage repair products from Pantene.
How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair in the Summer
Explore how to fix frizzy hair in the summer. Check out tips and haircare products to help tame frizz so you can have more good hair days.
Biotin 101: What Is It and Why Its Good for Hair
Learn what biotin does for hair and how Pantene's biotin shampoo enhances hair volume and density, including for color treated hair of all kinds
5 Quick & Easy Professional Hairstyles
Quick, easy hairstyles to help you have a professional look. Check out Pantene styling products like dry shampoo, mousse, and more to enhance your style.
How to Best Preserve Hair Color
Learn how color protecting shampoo works and some tips for preserving hair color. Pantene's color safe shampoo works to keep hair vibrant for longer.
Deep Conditioner 101: Your Guide to Healthy Shiny Hair
Nothing says hair care self-care like a deep conditioner. So, we’ve made a guide to help you get the most out of your deep conditioner.
Dry Conditioner: How does it work?
Learn what dry conditioner is for and the many ways it can benefit your hairstyle. Pantene provides dry conditioner to moisturize and refresh your look.
Whether your split ends are from hitting the heating tools too hard or just going a little longer than advised between trims, we’ve got the guide for you!
How To Get Rid Of Hair Static In Winter
Those annoying, static-charged frizzes make you feel frazzled? Learn why your hair gets staticky and how to prevent it.
Best Hair Styling Products for Updos
Follow our guide to see which styling products are right for your hair type and you’ll be rocking your freshest updo in no time flat.