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3-in-1 Tips


Save money & save the environment from your bathroom.

Did you know?

It takes about 265 liters of water to fill a bathtub!

  • Cut your shower time by 1 minute to save up to 2000 liters of water per year

  • Low-flow showerhead can save up to 56 liters of water during a 10-minute shower

  • Don’t let water run for too long while heating up

  • Shower in bursts: turn off when shampooing, treating hair or shaving

The greywater from your bathtub, shower and sink is a safe & beneficial source of irrigation for your yard.

  • Monitor water bills and compare usage to average households & over time

  • Use dry shampoo & conditioner to space out your wash days

  • Check your faucets & plumbing

  • On average, 14% of your indoor water is lost to leaks