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Hair Hacks



Pantene has always been focused on hair health as the foundation for more beautiful hair and more great hair days. Because when your hair looks and feels great, you do too. But, according to a recent study with a psychology professor from Yale, only 1 in 10 women have great hair days every day. We are too often missing out on the joyful feeling of a great hair day. So, Pantene is on a mission to make great hair days less rare and the emotional boost that comes with them more common. We've created our 14-day challenge to do that.

  1. Use Pantene’s Hair Advisor to learn the regimen perfect for you

  2. Wash as frequently as you normally do (always shampoo + conditioner!)

  3. Share your experience on social media with #Pantene14DayChallenge

  4. Keep using after the first 14 days for unbelievably healthy hair


Why 14 days? Truly improving hair's health is not an overnight fix, but small changes can quickly become big improvements. Here's how you know change is happening...

In 1 wash, many notice their hair is easier to manage. You can more easily run your fingers or comb through your hair in the shower without the normal snags or tears.

In 1 week, hair becomes softer and more flexible, which are signs that hair health is improving inside and out. Women with dull hair tend to notice more shine while others with breakage-prone hair may notice less breaking off in their brush.

14 days is long enough to notice that great hair days are becoming more frequent because of the health transformation your hair is going through.


Here are a few simple steps you can take over 14-days:

  • Condition your hair with every wash, using the best conditioner for your hair type. For fine hair, use an ultra-lightweight foam conditioner. Curly hair should add a leave-in conditioner after the in-shower conditioner. Overprocessed, overstyled hair should use a deep treatment, like our Intense Rescue Shots, at least once a week. With each condition, hair absorbs nutrients to become stronger against stress, more resilient, and more likely to do what you want it to do.
  • Focus your shampoo at your roots where you have the most build-up of scalp oils and styling residue. Apply conditioners mid-shaft downwards first, then work through your lengths to condition your hair where it will see heat styling, ponytail holders, and any other hair stress.

  • Use products that help your look last so you don't have to style as often. This begins with the right shampoo and conditioner foundation that won't leave your hair feeling heavy or weighted down. Dry shampoo can give you a quick refresh between washes and Pantene's Thermal Heat Protect Spray can help hide your hair from heat damage while helping to create your look when you do need a little heat in your life.

Our secret is the blend of Pro-V nutrients that your hair absorbs from each use of any Pantene formula. Since our beginning, our legendary pro-vitamin B5 has been at the heart of all Pantene formulas. We've added antioxidants to our shampoos, conditioners and treatments to preserve hair's natural health & beauty. Then came the strengthening lipids in our shampoos and conditioners that work to replenish what harsh formulas wash away.