The Best Moisturizers

for your hair type

Fried texture, flyaways, frizz, split ends, flakes — in addition to totally harshing your hair’s mellow, these are all side effects of dry hair. What you need to cure what ails you is a powerful shot of hydration, which is where hair moisturizer comes in.

Just like dry skin needs products to supplement moisture, so too do your strands. Hair moisturizers replenish lost moisture to return softness and flexibility to the hair fibers. Read on for the ultimate guide to these mane must-haves.

Who Needs Hair Moisturizer?

Every hair type — from fine to thick, long to short, and curly to straight — needs moisture. That said, curly hair tends to be drier, as scalp oils don’t travel down to the hair shaft as easily Plus, the natural twists and bends can create spots that are more likely to release moisture.

Processed and color-treated hair can especially benefit from moisturizing treatments, because these types of chemical services break hair down and strip it even more of its natural hydration. Other culprits include heat styling and sun exposure, the latter of which gradually deplete your hair’s natural moisturizing abilities.

How Does It Work?

In the past, people believed that in order to make hair look smooth and shiny, you needed to cover it with treatments that would temporarily smooth the hair shaft. They didn’t address the underlying issues; they merely camouflaged the damage.

Fortunately, we now know that in order to truly help dry hair, it’s not about just coating the surface. Each hair fiber has natural moisturizers found on every layer of it, meaning dryness remedies need to replenish moisture on every layer of each fiber.

How Do I Add It To My Routine?

Take a stroll down the haircare aisle and you’ll find moisture-replenishing shampoos, conditioners, masks, treatments, and leave-ins — there’s an option for every hair type and preference.

Finding the best one is as easy as deciding what’s most convenient for you. Here are the most popular options:

● Washing

Hair is at its most absorbent when it’s wet, meaning using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is an ultra-effective way to hydrate your ‘do. Whether you cleanse your hair every day or space out your wash days, Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner will ensure you start your routine off with a moisturized foundation. And a moisturized foundation makes it easier to style later on. Safe for use on color-treated hair, the duo is formulated with a special blend of micro-moisturizers that penetrate deep into the hair fiber to help lock in moisture inside and out.

For those that prefer their cleansers sulfate-free, try the Pantene Pro-V Rosewater Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It provides an instant hit of hydration and freshness, no sulfates needed.

● Masking

When you’ve put your hair through the ringer, you need some extra TLC to bring it back to life. Masks and deep treatments, like the Pantene Pro-V One Step Nourishing Mask, are just what the hair doctor ordered. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients to nourish even brittle locks. Apply post-shampoo then finger-comb it through hair from mid-shaft to ends. Wait five minutes, rinse, and admire your now silky soft strands.

● Treating

Not a mask fan? You can get a conditioning boost by using a leave-in treatment tailored to your hair type. Lightweight sprays are the best choice for those with super-fine or thin hair.

● Serums

Just like Pantene’s Pro-V BB Crème — serums work well with most hair types, as they are readily absorbed, so won’t leave any residue or weigh you down. The highly versatile BB Crème can be worked through damp hair, then air-dried or styled to create a glossy, flexible finish.