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It’s finally warm! Flowers are rising, temperatures are rising and so is the frizz. This is the time of year when many of us are searching for ways to fix frizzy hair. Or why it happens in the first place. Frizz happens when the level of humidity in the air is greater than the level of water in your hair (Yes! even when your hair is dry, it is still holding on to a small amount of moisture). Humidity goes into your hair and rearranges the bonds inside each hair fiber, turning a smooth look into chaos. You’re likely to notice the dreaded frizzies when…

- You are in warmer air with humidity levels above 70% - like at the beach or, for many of us, any morning commute. - Your hair is more damaged. Hair becomes more porous when it goes through chemical treatments or a lot of heat styling. More porous hair absorbs humidity like a sponge. Frizz is not created equal. For fine hair, frizz can mean falling limp & lifeless. For wavy & curly hair, frizz may mean poodle-esque hair. Even if frizz shows up in different ways for different people, we can agree that frizz gets in the way of having a great hair day. Read on for simple ways to fix frizzy hair. 1. Wash-day fix - Use a good conditioner and use it on more than your tips. A good conditioner can replenish hair with frizz-fighting lipids which work to fill pores with nutrients rather than with frizz-causing humidity. Conditioners can slow how quickly hair absorbs humidity. Be sure to choose the version that is right for your hair. We recommend Pantene Smooth & Sleek Conditioner if you’re going for a straighter look or Pantene Curl Perfection Conditioner if you want to keep your curls in good shape. 2. On-the-go fix – Smooth hair with a dab of oil. Oils can work on dry hair for a quick touch-up when you’re already well into your day. They help to block humidity from taking over your hair, keeping humidity on the outside where it belongs. If you have especially dry & coarse hair you may want something more intense. With any oil, start small. It’s much easier to add more as you need it than to try to remove excess. 3. Hot fix – Heat-style to get your hair back into shape between washes. Flat irons and curling irons are a sure bet for turning unruly hair back to “in-control” hair. That’s ok, as long as you take steps to shield your hair from extreme temperatures. Two ways you can do that:

- Turn the heat down on your iron. If you can get your look at temperatures no greater than 370°F, your hair will thank you. Temperatures above this point do a lot more damage.

- Use a heat protectant spray to more evenly disperse heat. Heat Protectants like Pantene’s Thermal Heat Protectant Spray can free you up to style with less worry of tell-tale heat damage. They can not only prevent the hot spots from forming that can make your frizz problem even worse, they can also help your hair take the shape you want. 4. Lasting fix – Hold the style you created with a humidity-resisting hairspray. Hairsprays have advanced far beyond the lacquer-effect they once had. They can now give you a more flexible hold AND help your hair keep the look you created, even in high humidity. 5. Natural fix – Embrace your natural texture. Frizz is the biggest problem for those of us who work against our natural hair texture. This can be the right time of year to try out new styles closer to your hair’s natural texture. You can try smoothing serums or oils to give you more definition without having to rely on heat. Think of frizz as a good reason to return to your roots!