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You reach for a styling product when you want your hair to look and feel amazing. But when you reach for the wrong one, it can actually have the opposite effect! To get that sleek top knot, low chignon, or gorgeous braids, you need the products that support and hold your hair’s natural shape and texture. Follow our guide below to see which styling products help support your chosen style and you’ll be rocking your freshest updo in no time flat.

Hair styling products for the top knot bun

This style is great for: any type of hair

The top knot is an easy style that makes you look effortlessly put together. It’s the perfect combination of casual and cool, and with the right products, you can put it together and forget about it for the whole day.

Our go-to products for the top knot:

For fine hair use...

This spray locks in volume without any stiffness or stickiness, helping you achieve that big bun.

To use: spray all over your roots and tease with your hands or a brush. Twist your hair into a top knot, then give it one more spray all over to lock in your style.

Hair styling products for the low chignon

This style is great for: thick hair

The low chignon turns any event into a formal one. Surprisingly easy to achieve, this fancy updo makes it look like you spent hours in the salon when, really, it's a ponytail with some extra steps.

Hair styling products for the sleek bun

This style is great for: fine hair

The sleek bun is a classic style beloved by ballerinas and fashionistas alike. While anyone can rock the sleek bun, it’s especially great for fine hair types because it can help make your hair look full and thick.

This mousse gives your hair bounce, movement, and touchable texture to help you achieve the appearance of a full, thick bun.

To use: spread evenly into damp hair and comb through. Blow-dry or let your hair dry naturally, then pull it into a high, tight ponytail, grasp a handful of hair at the base of your head (the size you want your bun) and using your other hand, wrap the rest of your hair around it and tuck the ends in. Pull at the pun to create a round shape, and if you have fly-aways, smooth a hair oil or gel over your hair for that super sleek look.

Whatever type of hair you have, and whichever style you want to rock, nothing looks more stylish than hair helped by the right ingredients and formulas. For more hair styling tips for your unique hair, visit our Hair Tips & Hacks.