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Leave in conditioners are the unsung workhorses of the haircare category. Whether your tresses are long and fine, short and thick, curly or straight, virgin or color treated, your hair can benefit from incorporating one of these powerful potions into your daily hair routine for more great hair days.

What is a leave in conditioner?

Leave in conditioners may be your most versatile hair care staple. They come in different shapes, sizes, forms, weights to cater to the different needs of different hair types. They can be used on wash days, when you’re between washes, or for quick touch-ups throughout your day. In short, there are many benefits and very few rules.

How do I use a leave in conditioner?

On wash days, think of them as your 1st post-shower step. They are applied to freshly-washed hair prior to styling for detangling and added flexibility. Unlike your in-shower conditioner, leave-in conditioners are not rinsed-off, which means no dilution of their conditioning power and more time for your hair to soak in their goodness.

On days between washes, you can use them to refresh your look or to help your hair take on the day’s weather. Rain in the forecast? An extra dose of moisture helps tame frizz even when it’s caused by the worst humidity. Other forms can add constant moisture that dry winter air can zap from strands. If you are looking for soft, healthy, easier to manage locks a leave in conditioner is for you.

What leave in conditioner is right for me?

All hair types get continued nourishment and moisture from leave in conditioners, and Pantene offers leave in conditioners in the form that is just right for your hair type and needs. The trick is finding the right one for you. Consider one of our best selling leave in conditioners formulated to meet your specific hair needs.

Color treated hair that is rigid and breakage-prone: The coloring process weakens hair, leaving it dehydrated and brittle. Color treated strands craves quenching to minimize breakage. This hair type is in most need of the extra nourishment it can soak up when treatments are left on. Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme is a great one for colored hair. It keeps colored tresses bold and looking healthier day after day.

Fine hair: Whether you choose to wear it long or short, wavy or straight, fine hair requires delicate detangling. It is one of the most tangle-prone hair types! Pantene’s Moisturizing Mist Detangler provides a touch of hydration right after shampooing to prep hair for styling. As many fine-haired girls know, conditioning in spray form is guaranteed to be lightweight.

Should I still use a regular in shower conditioner?

Absolutely! In shower conditioners rehydrate and strengthen hair, as well as smooth down the hair cuticle after immediately shampooing. Leave in conditioners provide ongoing benefits after styling and between washes. For more great hair days the combination of both conditioners is key.